Company Introduction

     Shenzhen Fu Rong transport international freight forwarding Co., Ltd. (industrial and commercial registration number: 440301106930836), is approved by the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce of the main international express and international air transport and import and export logistics company. Shenzhen City Fu Rong transport international freight forwarding Co., Ltd. service network covering the Pearl River Delta region of Guangdong, as well as major cities in the mainland, Guangdong is engaged in international express and international freight forwarding business of one of the well-known enterprises. We and the world's famous UPS, DHL, TNT, FedEx and other international express company to establish a legal relationship, and the world's number of well-known airlines to establish a long-term cooperative relationship. We have a number of countries engaged in international express import and export cargo declaration, air cargo transport experienced professionals. Thanks to the customers for their support, and the efforts of the company staff. We have achieved excellent results in international express delivery business, as the business continues to expand, the service quality of continuous improvement, we have won the praise of customers, and establish a good corporate image. So as the foundation, the company has already developed become have perfect facilities, complete network, service in place, high quality and fast international freight forwarding enterprise, business scope has been extended to the international air, internal transfer business, customs transit transport in Hong Kong, China and the goods, express transportation and customs and port has established good benefits letter. With unremitting efforts, we will keep the industry's well-known status, and establish a better corporate image, create more quality brand, in order to truly reflect the value of "sincere to quick to blame".

    Shenzhen City, rich in transport international freight forwarding Co., Ltd. was established in 2010, the predecessor is Hongkong Fu Rong international freight company, is committed to the development of international freight forwarding, import and export business, for the majority of customers to provide trade, transport, import and export trade customs clearance services.

    Company is located in Shenzhen, the frontier city of reform and opening up the downtown lots - Huaqiang North, since its inception, uphold the integrity of the service, performance for the first, proactive, continuous improvement of the business philosophy, has maintained strong growth performance, the company continue to expand the operation scale and development prospect is broad. To "the credibility of the first, service first" as the core, at any time to follow up the customer's advisory work, to solve the problem. We have a high quality, young and dynamic elite team; the purpose is to provide our customers with the best quality service. All based on "fast, safe, honest and efficient", is committed to the brand out of effectiveness, brand development, and strive for more high-end customers, with a reasonable fee, quality service, the maximum value of the realization of the customer's real value.

     The company has the international independent line, to achieve air shipping door to door service. Direct Singapore, Malaysia, Yingde, India, and other Southeast Asian countries, European countries, Hongkong DHL, Shenzhen UPS, Hongkong FEDEX, Hongkong UPS, Hongkong EMS, mainland EMS, Singapore EMS, United States, international air transport, international air transport services.

   Security and stability is the first to do the logistics, which is the Fu Rong  international has been the staff of the entire staff to uphold the belief, thanks to new and old customers to support and trust, because your, only now the Fu Rong International